Color Me Vintage!

Color Me Vintage Image-01Color Me Vintage - an adult coloring book.

“Color Me Vintage is a quirky and sophisticated introduction to the world of adult coloring books, or a stunning addition to your coloring collection. It also makes a charming and unusual gift for all ages!”

A coloring book for adults - Color Me Vintage!Inside you will find 49 intricate and eclectic images specially selected for your coloring pleasure. Pages are printed on one side only to avoid bleed through and ensure you can enjoy every image – this also means that it’s easy to cut out and frame your illustrations once you’re done. (If using marker pens, place a piece of scrap paper under the page you’re working on to protect the rest of the book.)

With a variety of subject matter and detail level you’re sure to find a page to fit your mood, so unleash your creativity and color me vintage!

Buy now on Amazon! Now out of print, sorry! I might do a new edition one day. But you can still download some colouring pages below.

Vintage illustrations have long been a great source of inspiration for me, in both my personal and commercial work as a freelance illustrator and pattern designer. Over the years I’ve bookmarked a huge collection of out of copyright images from various public domain sources, most of which aren’t very well known outside of the collage and crafting community. I created this colouring book to share some of this gorgeous and unusual art with the world – it’s my hope that people will enjoy bringing life and colour to these forgotten images.

Can’t wait for your copy of Color Me Vintage, or want to try before you buy? Feel free to download, print and enjoy any of the four coloring pages below as a sneak preview!

Color Me Vintage Image-07 Color Me Vintage Image-06 Color Me Vintage Image-05 Color Me Vintage Image-04

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